Stephen Edwards Building Movers, LLC. realizes the importance of customer satisfaction. Our goal is to provide safe, quality workmanship that is affordable.
Stephen Edwards Building Movers, LLC. is acutely aware of indirect advertisement that occurs when a satisfied customer refers our company to another.

One of the means to achieve this safe, quality service is to utilize innovative and up-to-date technology. Coinciding with modern technology is experience. It is critical in this industry, more so than many others, to have a vast array of skills and experiences with various building moving techniques, situations and scenarios. With over 75 combined years of heavy hauling and heavy rigging experience, Stephen Edwards Building Movers, LLC. knows what it takes to safely perform your particular job scope.

When you procure Stephen Edwards Building Movers, LLC., you will be given 24-hour contact numbers, and email updates as we strive to give your job our total focus and attention. Our safety and quality control program coupled with our comprehensive insurance coverage allows you a stress free project and takes away the apprehension sometimes associated with over-dimensional loads.

This personal attention, coupled with our philosophy of retaining only a certain amount of jobs each year, creates cohesive logistics and a seamless operation that is not only safe but also affordable.

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