Stephen Edwards, owner of Stephen Edwards Building Movers, LLC., has been active in the building and machinery moving industry since 1983. His father Bill Edwards, who founded Edwards House Movers, started moving buildings in 1961. Stephen has worked with his father since he was a small child. Starting from the "ground" up he has a broad range of skills, and other than a brief interlude to receive a BGS degree from the University of Kentucky; Stephen Edwards has developed, pioneered, and honed his skills at relocating large heavy objects. This has encompassed all aspects of the process including, but not limited to; estimating, planning, engineering, managing and executing the job scope. This diverse skill level has contributed to the ability to relocate generators, transformers, tanks vessels, masonry and stick built structures, historic buildings, as well as barge and rail transportation of extreme weights.

There are choices in the moving and rigging industry, and Stephen Edwards Building Movers, LLC. encourages you to research other moving companies. We are confident that our safety, attention to detail, modern equipment and hi-tech approach will have our company at the top of your list for house and building moving.

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